Enough with the Commercials Already!

Posted by OLD BITTY at 10:59 AM

Monday, April 7, 2008

If there was ever a reason to start protesting again, this is it - STOP all those stupid perscription commercials.

If I have to listen to one more commercial listing all the horrible side effects (including DEATH!) while watching butterflies, flowers and children playing, with a voice over telling me but you may still want to take this Pill so ask you doctor - I'm going to just shoot the tv. And that is just one example. Don't even get me started on the ED commercials, that is a whole separate rant!

Let's have some common sense here - perscriptions should be given out by the doctors IF and only IF we actually need it, NOT because some ad tells us to go ask about it. The drug companies are peddling their wares hard enough by wining and dining the doctors, do we really have to suffer through the commercials too.

I'm glad to know all the bad side affects, so if my doctor wanted me to take the perscription I would be able to discuss it. However, I would hope the doctor would tell me the side affects and I would be doing my own research as well. The affect these commercials have on me is to NEVER EVER take these dangerous drugs they are peddling! I don't care how happy the music is or how upbeat the narrator is, the risks are still there.

Granted, there are times medication is needed in spite of the risk - but that is a medical decision - NOT something that should be sold by tv ads.

Bottom line - Perscriptions should not be sold by tv ads!


Thriell said...

Have you been eavesdropping on my conversations at home? You quoted what I said to my wife almost perfectly!

What bothers me the most about these ads (especially the ads for ED medications) is that, since the only television I bother watching is the 6:00pm news, the only time I get to hear about cialis or listen to "Viva Viagra" is when I'm trying to eat dinner.

Elvis's family should sue over that ad, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear I couldn't agrre more..but in away I am glad they give you the side effects on commercials as here in Canada half the doctors just throw a pill at you quick as they can so they can get on that cruise of the carribean put on by the drug companies

Babs (Beetle) said...

Oh my, that all sounds bad. We don't have prescription ads here - but give it time. What we get whilst eating dinner are usually ads about personal hygiene and other undesirable things.

I am blessed with a doctor that isn't shy about getting her medical books out and checking side effects etc., in front of me. I try not to take any drugs if I can help it.

Jillian said...

Hahaha, I like how the side effects make you feel worse than you did in the first place! Is this really modern medicine? Exchanging one ailment for another?

"Back ache? Take this, but it gives you diarrhea..."

Aerten said...

YES!! I absolutely agree! I could go on with my own special rant about the pharmaceutical business, but I prefer not to get so riled up this early in the morning. :)

@jillian... Feeling depressed? Take this one! But you'll never, ever sleep again! Maybe we should be writing up our own ads to counteract the ones we see on television. ;)

OLD BITTY said...

We have enough folks here to launch a protest! ***starts painting the signs*** :)

Michele said...

I could not have said that better! You are absolutely right. It drives me nuts that we are bombarded with these ads telling us to self diagnose and medicate. If there is a problem see the doctor. If you need meds the doctor will tell you your options and hopefully the side effects.

I'm with you, I'm scared to death to take some of these meds because of all the scary side effects they have. Honestly can't they give us something that isn't so dangerous to our health?